14-10-2017 =FTP= Founded. FTP = FULLTIMEPILOTS.
                  =FTP= Website goes online. http://www.fulltimepilots.nl

16-10-2017 =FTP= A Dutch based virtual online squadron ,using  DCS World 2.0 (Later DCS World 2.5 - 2.7)
                             We are located in The Netherlands , Europe.
11-01-2018             A New Year started ; awsome ; =FTP= is flying high!
01-01-2019            Update ; we still are alive ; sort of ; so flying is still going on.
04-06-2020 =FTP= Continues as a solo display team flying aerobatic display's.
                             Our Demo aircraft is based on an F-16A Block 1 ; J-222 ; 313 squadron Tigers ;
                             Royal Dutch Air Force.
                             Special scheme applied for 2010 Tiger Meet at Volkel AB ; The Netherlands.
14-10-2020 =FTP= Is celebrating its 3 year Anniversary!

13-03-2021 =FTP= A New Year ; New Shows ; Training continues with the Viper ; later we will make a movie teaser ; we                                                   keep you updated ; 

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DCS: F-16C Viper ; released for DCS World ; order now!