14-10-2017 FTP founded. FTP = FULLTIMEPILOTS.
                   FTP website goes online.FTP-Twitter and Facebook are online.

16-10-2017 FTP is a Dutch based virtual online squadron , flying aircraft  in DCS World 2.0 (Later DCS World 2.5)
                   We are located in The Netherlands , Europe.
                    FTP has 4 active members at this time.

02-12-2017 We welcome our 3rd member FTP-Mr.Green. Welcome aboard!                   
03-12-2017 As of now our Training and Flying Day / Night is Sunday (weekly) ; when ready during the day.
                   We use Discord for our communications.

11-01-2018 A New Year started awsome ; we welcome our 4th member FTP-Hollywood. Welcome aboard! 
20-01-2018 We have our very own Dedicated Server by =FTP=Hollywood ;good job! You can check it out at the Multiplayer
                    section of DCS World 2.5.

                   We have a recruitment stop for now. We do not need new members at this time till further notice.

=FTP=AV-8A Harrier